SF-60 + SF-9400

Clear cut with a light touch assists manual operations of cutting and fine deburring of sheeting materials.

Oscillator & Transducer

SF-60 SF-6000RR detail


Exercises its power on fine work with a light touch!

Ultrasonic power output of 45 W. Ideal for cutting, cutting-out, and window work on thin sheet materials, as well as gate-cutting and deburring of small plastic parts. Just a light touch is all it takes to polish the work surface, with very little hand vibration.

  • Desktop-type ultrasonic cutter that is compact and lightweight.


Frequency adjustment Auto-tracking type
Max. power output 45W
Power output Infinitive adjustment
Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz 1Φ
Electricity consumption 135VA
Outer dimension (mm) 145W X 180D X 125H
external control on/off,
(since a foot switch)
Weight 1.9kg

* 200 V version can also be manufactured.


Manual type hand piece Manual-operation type (foot switch)

A small-sized transducer suitable for hand-held operations. Just a light touch is all it takes to polish the work surface with very little hand vibration.


Frequency 25kHz
Vibration element PZT piezoelectric transducer
Housing material Polyoxymethylene (Duracon)
Cord length curled cord 0.6m
(extended to 2.5m)
Weight 130g (Exclusive of the cord & tool)
Blade thickness 0.4mm

Applicable materials

Sheet material thin sheet material, rubber sheets and plastic sheets
Cloth Fabric cloth, bonded textile, non-woven fabric etc
Paper specially treated paper and coated paper






foot switch    

foot switch