[ 2020/03/12 ]

Product Improvement
SF-355 & ST-360

As the new function, “New” Oscillation ON/OFF Switch (Toggle switch) is installed in Ultrasonic Polishing Machine SF-355 / ST-360. This Toggle switch is installed into the machine body in order to be able to change over the ultrasonic oscillation ON or OFF by hand easier. 

sf355st360Catalog PDF


[ 2018/11/02 ]

New Ultrasonic Polishing Machines

New Ultrasonic Polishing Machine “SONOFILE SF-355/HP-9704” and “SONOCRAFT ST-360/HP-9706” are just released on October 2018.

[ 2018/07/03 ]

System failure

Our e-mail system are not operating normally due to system failure today.

For any inquiries, please contact us by telephone or FAX until the system is restored.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


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[ 2017/06/28 ]

NEW SuperStone Violet #80

Argofile Japan Limited released the new grain size #80 of NEW SuperStone in Violet color.

In our product range, this is the coarsest ceramic stone and has the good polishing and grinding ability.  the leaflet here.


[ 2016/10/27 ]

It’s New “ULTRAFORM UF-0101”

Argofile Japan Limited released the New Ultrasonic Polishing Machine "ULTRAFORM UF-0101" and the leaflet here.

[ 2015/06/23 ]

New Ultrasonic Polishing Machine “ECO POLISHER”

Argofile Japan Limited released the New Ultrasonic Polishing Machine "ECO POLISHER" and the details here.

[ 2013/10/02 ]

Ultrasonic Cutters

Argofile Japan Limited newly released the Ultrasonic Cutters and the details here.

[ 2013/05/20 ]

New “Arogofile Micromotor System MAXIMA EX” series


We will launch New “Argofile Micromotor System MAXIMA EX” series soon.
You can get the information from MAXIMA EX page



[ 2012/05/02 ]

Change of Nile Air Nipper’s Model numbers

Effective June 1, 2012, the model numbers of the following 3 types of Nile Air Nipper Body are changed as follows. MR50A(old)—>MR50AK(new) MR50F(old)—>MR50FK(new) MP55A(old)—>MR55AK(new)

PDF Download (473 KB) : Notice of Change of Model Numbers for 3 types Nile Air Nipper body

[ 2012/04/23 ]

Announcement of New Super Stone as New Product

We are very happy to introduce to you the New Super Stone which we just developed. Once you tried to use the New Super Stone, you feel the excellent polishing ability and a great workability. It has a very longer life and progressive heat resistance. New Super Stone leads you to the next stage and the next step !


PDF Download (663KB): New Super Stone Catalog