[ 2020/11/19 ]

Introduction of Zirco Knight

Zirco Knight

Zirconia Ceramic Rotary Burs


Zirco Knight is made of Zirconia Ceramic that is used as the material of artificial diamond.
The hardness is very high and the heat resistance is excellent but the surface is very smooth.
Therefore, the cut dust is hardly adhered to the head of Zirco Knight. Furthermore, even if it
is used for a long time, it is not heated and can smoothly grind without melting.

In comparison with the Carbide burs, the finished surface
by Zirco Knight is smoother than one machined by Carbide burs.
Moreover, Zirco Knight is not almost clogged with the aluminum
dust when cutting the aluminum materials.

In the hardness, Zirco Knight is nearly the Tungsten Carbide
and the strength is also very high. As one of the advantages,
it is possible to wash the head part of Zirco Knight with the water.

In the line-up, we are preparing 4 shapes such as “Taper”, “Bullet”, “Cylinder” and “Slim nose”.
The available mesh size is “Coarse”, “Medium” and “Fine” as follows.

* Shaft size : 2.34 mm dia. only.