[ 2020/10/05 ]





(1) Maximum output power is 100W and this is the most powerful model in our product range and high-grade
type. Rough polishing and Grinding can be made aggressively.
(2) On the other hand, Ultra-fine polishing can be done in NANO function as the special function.
In NANO function, the amplitude output value can be adjusted in the Ultra-micro range under
1 micro meter. NANO function is suitable for the ultra-fine polishing and the manual delicate work. The
delicate polishing work that was possible only by hand work can be made with UF-0101.
(3) We are preparing 2 types of the hand pieces for UF-0101, one is the Large-sized hand piece No. UF-7401
is very powerful. Another type is very light and compact sized hand piece No.UF-9701.
(4) User-friendly operation screen is available therefore it is very easy to operate it.


(1) Long-selling and most popular model. This is one of our best selling items.
(2) The strong point is that there are two output sockets for (1) Ultrasonic hand piece and (2) DC motor hand
piece in one controller (oscillator)
(3) You can operate the ultrasonic functions and DC motor functions.
(4) The maximum output power is 45W.


(1) SF-355 is the basic and entry-level machine.
(2) It is very simple and easy operation type.
(3) Maximum output power is 45W.


(1) ST-360 is the Multipurpose Ultrasonic Finishing Machine.
(2) You can use it as the Ultrasonic polishing machine if you attach the New Super Stone.
(3) You can use it as the simple Ultrasonic cutter if you change the tool holder and the optional blade.
(4) You can also use it for the geological survey and the fossil cleaning as we are preparing the optional tools.
If attaching the curved tools which the tip is bent, it can rake out the extra soil and can dig a hole at pin
(5) It is suitable for Removal of the pattern cut-resist film on the printed circuit board (PCB).
(6) Maximum output power is 45W.


(1) As the main application, it removes the machined deformation layer on the surface formed by the electric
discharge machining (EDM) in the Mold & Die.
(2) The finishing polishing can be made on the cavity surface.
(3) It can be used for the repair of the Mold & Die.