[ 2020/10/05 ]


Diamond Rabin is the special rubberized mounted point which “Diamond abrasive
grain” and “Excellent Rubber features” are mixed up. This combination of “Diamond”
and “Rubber” developed by Daiwa original technique gives you the best performance
means the best polishing & grinding ability.

* In addition to the above specifications (size and grain size), we can also manufacture
the customed Diamond Rabin according to the customer’s request.
* Basically, any types of Diamond Rabin are manufactured after confirmation of
the specification.

Big Advantage

(1) Instead of using diamond paste and felt buffs, we recommend using Diamond
Rabin. In case of the felt buffs, the shape of the felt buffs may be broken while
using it. Diamond Rabin does not lose its shape and the polishing work can
be made continuously without stopping work.

(2) Considering the Diamond Rabin as the alternative to the diamond paste, you will
be released from a troublesome task such as the after-treatment or cleaning up
after using the diamond paste and can reduce the cost.

Note : When using the Diamond Rain first, please try to use it from the low rotation
speed (3,000 rpm – 10,000 rpm)