SH-3510 + SF-8500RR

Highly versatile cutter enables powerful cutting of extra-tough materials.

Oscillator & Transducer

SH-3510 SF-8500RR detail


An automated machine/robot-mounted high-power ultrasonic cutter in combination with a high-rigidity transducer

Oscillator with maximum power output of 500 W enables powerful cutting of difficult-to-cut and extra-tough materials. Signals for on/off, emergency stop, change of output level, and other features can perform with automated machinery or industrial robots.

  • High-power ultrasonic cutter with maximum power output of 500 W is compatible with materials needing high-power cutting
  • Takes carbide and large blades
  • Mountable on automated machinery and industrial robots


Frequency adjustment Auto-tracking type
Max. power output 500W
Power output Infinitive adjustment
Power supply AC200V 50/60Hz
Electricity consumption 1000VA
Outer dimension (mm) 300W X 400D X 200H
external control on/off,
Emergency stop,
Change of output
Weight 10kg


The blade vibration amplitude of this model is remarkably larger than that of the conventional model. This model, with a 42 mm diameter cylindrical shape, is easy to install in automated machinery, industrial robots, and plotters. This model is ideal not only for sheets and cut-out, but also for cutting and cut-out of three-dimensional parts when mounted on industrial robots.


Frequency 22kHz
Vibration element PZT piezoelectric transducer
Housing material SUS 303
Weight 560g
Blade thickness 0.6mm

Applicable materials

Thermoplastics plate, sheet, film, and laminated material
Carbon CFRP (GFRP)
composite materials polyethylene fiber
Rubber 15t vulcanized latex, non-vulcanized latex, sheeting material, and tube






blade tool bits  

torque drivers



*Various vice-gripping-type tool holders are available.