Ultrasonic Finishing System ULTRAFORM UF-0103


Speaking of Ultrasonic Polishing machines, it is Argofile Japan, speaking of Argofile Japan, it is ULTRAFORM, such Argofile Japan has released the ultimate machine, it is the “ULTRAFORM UF- 0103”.

Powerful for everything, but also precise, it is all about it !
It’s the graded-up ULTRAFORM. As a pioneer of Ultrasonic Polishing machines, UF-5600, which has been leading the era, has finished its role and is now taken over by the new UF-0103.

A powerful but precise, unconventional Ultrasonic Polishing machine ULTRAFORM UF-0103 was born. Functions, performance, price, everything will fascinate you, and as an entertainer in the Mold Industry, UF-0103 will play an active role.

Look at the appearance.

– It is Sophisticated Black body, furthermore, warm Black color. It will surely entertain your eyes

– The roundness on the corner adds softness to the appearance. Enjoy the feel.

– The silver Dial knob is reasonably sized and easy to pick it up with your fingers.

– It is easy to carry by having a folding handle on the top.

– The Collapsible Stand on the bottom of oscillator can be folded and adjust the height of the machine and easy-read LCD Windows becomes furthermore easier to see.

– User-friendly LCD Windows is easy to see and makes you happy.

Check the performance.

DC motor Rotary hand piece and Ultrasonic hand piece

Both DC motor rotary handpieces and ultrasonic handpieces are included as standard accessories. You can enjoy the incredible torque output, amazing polishing and aggressive grinding power as you like.

DC motor Rotary hand piece

Ultrasonic hand piece

TOUCH function (Patented)

The load is detected when the tip tool comes into contact with the workpiece, and it oscillates after a few msec. Ultrasonic vibration protects the work material from the risk of false oscillation. It prevents the excessive polishing and Excessive grinding against the work piece. Furthermore, when you polish the rib portion (deep and narrow space) with the ceramic stone, you can prevent the damage to unrelated portion when pulling the ceramic stone out of the rib portion.

NANO function

Finer polishing is possible with a very small amplitude of 1 μm or less. When used in combination with diamond paste, it can also be used on the finished surface of plastic mold products.
The ultra-fine polishing and the manual delicate work can be made comfortably. The delicate polishing work that was possible only by hand work can be very easily done with UF-0103.

Auto-Cruise function

In DC motor hand piece, Auto-cruise Function using a Foot switch (optional item) has been newly added. When you operate by Foot switch, the DC motor handpiece runs at the same speed even if you step out from the Foot switch.

User-friendly LCD Windows

The operation settings before ultrasonic oscillation and the vibration state after oscillation are fed back to the monitor in real time. Fine adjustment and detailed settings can be done with 99-steps vibration control.

Large-sized Ultrasonic handpiece UF-7405 (Option)

We are preparing the large-sized Ultrasonic handpiece UF-7405 as the optional item. If you connect this large-sized hand piece UF-7405 with the Controller (Oscillator), you can use the Integrated Wide-Width M8 tool stably and it can smoothly remove the machined deformation layer (altered layer) due to EDM in the large-sized mold and die.

Collapsible Stand on the bottom of the Controller (Oscillator)

This Collapsible Stand can be folded and adjust the height of the machine. Depending on the situation, it may be difficult to see the LCD Windows then you can adjust the height of Controller.

Oscillator Body colorBlack color
Power SupplySingle phase AC100-120V / AC200-240V / 50/60Hz
Input Capacity300 VA
Max. Power Output100 W
Frequency17 – 31 kHz
Automatic feedback system
Amplitude adjustment99 steps
Applicable standardCE certification
Oscillator dimension180W × 252D × 215H mm
Oscillator weight5.3 kgs
UF-0103 Standard Set consists of
  • Power Pack (UF-0103)
  • Ultrasonic handpiece (UF-9705)
  • DC motor Rotary handpiece (PHP35)
  • Standard tools and accessories
  • Power cord
  • Tool box

Set Contents

Controller / UF-0103Ultrasonic handpiece / UF-9705DC Motor Rotary handpiece / PHP35


Controller (Oscillator)

Oscillator Body color: Black
Power Supply: Single phase
AC100-120V / AC200-240V / 50/60Hz
Input Capacity: 300 VA
Max. Power Output: 100 W
Frequency: 17 – 31 kHz
Automatic feedback system
Amplitude adjustment: 99 steps
Applicable standard: CE certification
Dimension: 180W × 252D × 215H mm
weight: 5.3 kgs


Ultrasonic handpiece (Transducer)

Transducer : B.L.T. electro-strictive
Cable length : 1.7 M
Screw thread : M6 (with M6-M4 with adaptor)
Dimension : 28φ x 128.5 L mm
Weight : 150 grams (Cord is not included)


DC Motor Rotary handpiece

Rotation speed : 0 – 35,000 rpm max.
Maximum torque output : 6.5 Ncm
Motor cord length : 1.5 M (Curl type)
Dimension : Φ26mm x 150L mm
Weight : 200 grams (Cord is not included)

Standard attachment toolsUltrasonic handpiece / UF-7405 (Option) Standard attachment tools (for UF-7405)

Standard attachment tools(for UF-9705)

1) SE-5845 Diamond file
2) SE-9801 Diamond file
3) SE-7841 Diamond file
4) SE-6803 Diamond file
5) SE-3803 Diamond file
6) SD-1802 Diamond stone
7) SD-4862 Diamond stone
8) MD-8862-C1 Diamond file
9) SE-8851 Diamond file
9) SD-1802 Diamond stone
10) NSP106F(#600) Ceramic stone
11) NSB106F(#800) Ceramic stone
12) NSPD3F(#600) Ceramic stone
13) NSBD3F(#800) Ceramic stone
14) MX-4010 Tool clamps
15) MX-1030 Tool clamps
16) UF-7302 Spanner Wrench (M8)
17) UF-7305 Spanner Wrench (M10)
18) UF-7003 Clamp horn key M3

UF-7405 (Option)

Ultrasonic handpiece (Transducer)

Transducer : B.L.T. electro-strictive
Cable length : 1.7 M
Screw thread : M8
Dimension : 40φ x 150.0 L mm
Weight :310 grams (Cord is not included)

Standard attachment tools (for UF-7405)

1) LD-0762 Diamond stone
2) LD-0721 Diamond stone
3) NSP212F(#600) Ceramic stone
4) NSB212F(#800) Ceramic stone
5) LX-4020-1 Tool clamps
6) UF-7307 Spanner Wrench (M12)
7) UF-7014 Spanner Wrench (M14)
8) UF-7005 Hexagonal wrench
9) UF-7015 Tool extractor

On / Off Foot Switch 7116 (Option)Variable Foot Controller VC90 (Option) 

On / Off Foot Switch 7116 (Option)

For Ultrasonic function

Variable Foot Controller VC90 (Option)

For DC Motor hand piece